Please proceed to step 1 below.

Firmware: FlashAir PRO UPDATES
Latest Firmware version: 1.15
Date of release: 12 Apr 2013
Product: FlashAir PRO Gen 3
Revision: 1

1. Check your firmware version by clicking on "Status" link of "Settings/Review" webpage upon activating "Settings/Review" function of FlashAir™ PRO. If it is less than Version 1.15, please continue to step 2, else updating of firmware is not required.
2. Backup all the data in your FlashAir™ Pro.
3. Download the latest Firmware Upgrade.
4. Plug the FlashAir™ Pro into the SD card slot of your PC. Wait for about 15-20 seconds.
5. Extract and Copy all files from the zip package into your FlashAir™ Pro.
6. Eject and plug the FlashAir™ Pro into your camera. Switch on your camera.
7. You will hear a low buzz followed by intermittent beeps indicating that the upgrade is in progress.
8. Upon completion of upgrade, beepings will stop. The firmware upgrade files will also be deleted automatically.
9. Off the camera. Plug out the card and plug it in again before switching your camera back on.
10. Check for control images to confirm that the Firmware is updated.

Reset wireless LAN password of TREK FlashAir Pro

1. Locate and delete SD_WLAN folder in Trek FlashAir™ Pro in a PC or format Trek FlashAir™ Pro
2. Reinsert Trek FlashAir™ Pro into the camera.
3. The SSID is reset to "Trek-FlashAir" and the network key is reset to empty