What is Flucard Gold

Flucard® Gold is a wireless SD card that liberates your photo and video taking experience. Besides offering your existing camera/video camera the physical storage capacity of a SD card, it transforms the camera/video camera into a wireless device, giving a whole new dimension to capturing, storing and sharing your precious moments



Plug and Play

As a wireless SD card, the Flucard® is compatible with any device with a SD host slot. Just plug it in and its built-in software will instantly transform your Digital Camera/Video Camera into a Wi-Fi device and give you access to the other features of the Flucard®.


Sharing Anywhere, Everywhere

Server Upload

Flucard® Gold allows video footage and photos recorded on Electronic News Gathering ("ENG") professional video cameras and photos from professional cameras to be transmitted in real time-mode to the cloud portal, www.cloudstringers.com, which are then made available for purchase and download through our "World’s First Market Place".


Instant Backup On-The-Go

The server upload also instantly creates a backup for your photos and videos, allowing you to free memory space on your Flucard® so that you can continue snapping and create new memories.


User Manual

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